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Summer...and the living is easy with the Friars.


Email us if you have questions about any of our summer activities.

Things you should know:

  • We count on volunteers to help run and organize trips. Please take your turn to volunteer if you are able!

  • Campfire wood is provided for all trips. For the sake of forests everywhere, do not transport wood to our camping trips.
    It must be purchased within 10 miles of state parks.

  • Pets are not allowed on our trips. Neither are children.

  • We do not supply adult beverages on our trips except coffee, tea, milk and juice for breakfasts.
    Because everyone's preferences vary widely, we ask that you bring your own beverages. 

  • We have a sign-up sheet for each trip for participants to help with garbage disposal, meal prep and clean-up. We all stay happier that way!


Note: most state parks require a daily entrance permit for your car. These fees are not included in the trip price and are the responsibility of each participant.

Ritter's Cottages

Labor Day in St. Germaine, Wisconsin -- da' Northwoods!

Sept. 3-7, 2021


Cabin Camping: cabins have electricity, TV/DVD, indoor plumbing, pier to the lake and more!
Price: 3 nights for $225

Trip Leader: Mike and Dale Chrystof

​Trip includes:

- 3 nights in well-appointed cabins on Little St. Germaine Lake 
- Biking and hiking trails, local craft fairs and other entertainment, and boat , canoe, kayak rentals, sand beach

- Partial service trip, POTLUCK MEALS -- Friday night through Sunday or Monday


chain o lakes 2012
Chain O'Lakes
State Park
​ Cabins

Albion, Indiana

October 8-10 - $95
October 8-11 - $105

Two cozy but spacious cabins! Two or three nights! Electricity, indoor plumbing, heat!
Price: 2 nights ~$95, 3 nights (Fri, Sat, Sun) $105

Trip Leader: Pat Banik or Beth Deputy

​Trip includes:

- 2 or 3 nights in well-appointed cabins (indoor plumbing, enclosed porch and kitchen!)
- Beautiful hiking trails, open roads for jogging or biking 

- Full service trip, ALL MEALS -- Friday night through Sunday or Monday lunch included


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