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Chicago Friars' Ski Trip Policies (The fine print! Go ahead -- read it if you want to.)


Ski trip registration is filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Register for trips at Chicago Friars meetings, (held on the 1st & 3rd Monday of each month at Ricochet’s Tavern, 4644 N Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL 60625) or by contacting the individual trip leader directly. A skier is not officially registered until they have paid any necessary membership dues and all trip deposit money required to date! See trip payment schedules for additional information.



Minimum deposit for a Western trip is $250/300. Minimum deposit for a Midwestern trip is $100. Payment schedule dates are designed to give the club enough time to meet payment schedules set by trip destination/tour operators.

Ski trip payments should be made by check, with a separate check written for each individual trip. Clearly identify the ski trip to which a payment should be applied in the memo section of the check to avoid confusion. Cash payments are strongly discouraged. Make the check payable to “Chicago Friars Ski & Bike Club, Inc.” or just leave that line blank and we’ll stamp it with the club’s name.

Individuals are responsible for confirming that ski trip leaders receive and record their payments. Submitting a check to another club member (even the club treasurer or another board member) does not count towards a trip payment until the check is in the hand of the ski trip leader or their official delegate. A ski trip leader may appoint an official delegate for any meeting they are unable to attend. If no official delegate is appointed the Friar Ski Trip Chairperson will assume this role.

Early bird price savings.

Designed to encourage early sign-ups initial deposits must be made by the specified date and all following trip payments must be made on time or the individual will be charged the regular trip price. No exceptions will be made and no excuses allowed.

Final payment date.

All trips must be paid in full by the final payment date. The ski club reserves the right to reassign the reservation of any individual who fails to keep current with scheduled payment dates.


The minimum cancellation fee on any ski trip is $25. Any penalties or losses incurred by the ski club, up to and including the full trip price will be charged back to the individual (extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration) in addition to the fee. All empty trip spots will be filled before a canceling individual’s spot is replaced. Every effort will be made to minimize losses on the part of the individual.


Trip size.

The ski club reserves the right to change the capacity of a trip at any time. Trip size reductions or trip cancellation will be initiated to limit losses on partially filled trips.


Membership requirements.

You must be a current Chicago Friar Ski Club member to go on a club ski trip (except when clubs combine to go on one trip). If necessary, the trip leader will collect the membership fee.


Penalties imposed by airlines, lodging properties, etc. will be charged to the individuals who instigate them (i.e. name change on airline tickets). Prices are subject to change based on, but not limited to, changes in federal aviation regulations, fuel surcharges and provisions of trip contracts, etc. These policies have been set up to cover general situations. They are meant to be fair for all participants, to promote clean, comprehensive bookkeeping and encourage people to register earlier rather than later. The
Chicago Friars Ski & Bike Club Board members will review special circumstances upon request.

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