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Our Trips...Summer and Winter

Summer will come! In the summer and fall, we camp and hike rain or shine, hot or cold. We bike primarily in fair weather but we do have some die-hards who pedal year 'round.

Each winter we ski Midwest areas to sharpen our skills, we run multiple Western ski trips where the REAL mountains are, we race and participate in great events, and we enjoy every minute of all of it! All levels of skiers are welcome in our club... none of that snooty, we-don't-want-no-stinkin'-newbie-skiers attitude allowed here! We'll help you take the jitters out of that first blue or black diamond run or wish you well as you shoot down the chutes!

Summer Camping, Biking, Canoeing 
Details on these trips coming soon.


When the weather warms up, the Chicago Friars has one of the most extensive summer schedules of ANY ski club in the Chicago area. We will also be scheduling and posting show 'n go bike rides, day hikes, one-day canoe excursions and social events. Follow our Facebook page for up to the minute events, recaps and photos!

Go to our Social Events page for upcoming activities.
Bike Rides will be posted here! Let's see you out there...
Friars skiing at Whitefish, Montana
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